Boards, Platters & Grazing

Elevating experiences is our passion here at Boards & Platters. We create experiences and products of all kinds to add the perfect addition to your event, gift, or dinner. Our services include everything from lovingly curating gifts for 1 to designing and executing grazing table experiences as opulent and long as the eye can see! Learn more about our board and grazing services.


Boards & Platters

Our collection of products is filled with the variety for foodies of all kinds. Vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters alike -- we have created a board for everyone's enjoyment created with style and flair that are sure to wow you and your guests no matter the ingredients! We offer 5 styles of boards.


The Traditional boasts the classic cured charcuterie meats, artisan cheeses, fruits, honey, and nuts. Whether placed in one of our signature boxes, boards or platters, this style screams abundance in all sizes. 


Vegan sausage, vegan cheeses and jams, even vegan block cheese -- yes ,that's right! Our vegan boards provide the full experience of a traditional charcuterie boards but catered to fit your dietary preferences. Overflowing with deliciousness, your vegan board comes with fruit and veggies designed with all the style and flair Boards & Platters brings to every plate.


Hold the meat or enjoy plant based sausage to accompany a wide selection of cheese, fruit,and hummus on one of our vegetarian boards. Fruits and vegetables galore, you can spice up your night with the flair of charcuterie without the meat!


If you have a sweet tooth, our sweets boards are going to be your cup of tea! This is the perfect desert graze for a party, date night, or gift. We fill our sweets boards with a variety of chocolates, candy, and luxurious baked goods that are sure to add a smile to the faces of those around you. Looking for a desert graze for a themed birthday party? We can customize your board with the color scheme and theme you like. (a great option for kids)


 Our crudites platter is a showstopping example of how beautiful vegetables are all on their own. Filled with a variety of fresh vegetables and accompanied by delicious dips, our boards are the perfect addition to your party, event or day!

Grazing Tables

The Boards & Platter grazing table experience is a customized spread of the highest quality products arranged just for you and your guests. From birthday parties to corporate events and holiday parties, the Boards & Platters Graze brings an elevated experience that wows the eyes and the taste buds of your guests. Take the guess work out of dietary restrictions and preferences for large crowds with customized sections of your board for easy grazing. Pre- assembled boards or onsite assembly available based on size and customization's

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