Behind the Board

Our Philosophy

When great food and great company come together we have the magic that creates life long memories. Boards & Platter was birthed out of the genuine desire to elevate the experiences that make life special. 
Each birthday party with friends...
The mid day I love you gifts to a special someone...
Moments of bringing a hardworking team together to celebrate the holidays...
and even the days we sit down on the couch and treat ourselves.
We create boards, platters, and provide bespoke styling services for all of these moments and more. 
Food is nourishment ... but beautiful, delicious food is self care. We aim to create the perfect combination of taste and beauty that brings light, love, and a moment of mindfulness to every person enjoying our boards. It is a great honor to create each of your boards, be apart of your events, and connect with fellow charcuterie lovers around the world.
Thank you for choosing Boards & Platters.
- Marjani Aladin