The Football Tailgate Program



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Fall is around the corner and that means lots of pumpkin, fall colors and of course FOOTBALL! We're more than just passionate about football season ; we're passionate about creating fun and easily tailgating experiences too! Our Football Catering Tailgate Program brings the excitement of the game together with a delectable selection of charcuterie that will score big with both players and fans! Whether it's our local college football team, an away game bus trip, or the big NFL game, we're here to elevate your football experience with a winning lineup of flavors! Shop our 3,5,8, and 12 game bundles  to save big over the season!



1- Select your board of choice from our Tailgate Collection Page and enter product page . Our boards are based on the number of guests you are looking to serve. Our program includes options for individuals, and groups of 6,10, 15, 25, and 35 people. [our price breakdowns are included below]

2- Choose your bundle package. Our program offers discounts and savings when you select 3,5,8,or 12 deliveries for your game day celebrations throughout the season

3- Select your dietary preference of choice in the drop down menu . We can accommodate traditional pork charcuterie, turkey, vegetarian, crudités, vegan, and dessert options for all board options.

4- Confirm your phone and email information during checkout and complete the checkout process. [we offer shop pay options as well]

Once your purchase is complete, your assigned account manager will contact you directly via email and text to confirm delivery dates and additional details.